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Reef Pro

Brilliant Design for Professionals.

Create Large Aquatic Environments With Ease.

Brilliantly designed and engineered.

REEF PRO 180.5
REEF PRO 220.6

A Revolutionary Design That Captures the Beauty and Elegance of Custom

The Pro Series Aquariums from Waterbox start at 180 gallons and offer an alternative to custom aquariums at a fraction of the price.


All Waterbox Aquariums utilize Licensed Starphire Glass. Starphire is the ultimate in ultra-clear low iron glass technology.


Waterbox Aquariums silicone seams appear etched by lasers as our technicians utilize straight edging skill’s learned over decades.


Each Waterbox system includes a self leveling mat which keeps the aquarium level on uneven surfaces and keeps surface tension on the glass down to a minimum which increases the longevity of your aquarium.


Each Waterbox comes standard with our laser floated Logo inside the glass to prove authenticity.


The Waterbox Aquarium is the only company to utilize full black glass overflow boxes with water etched grates.


Standard aquariums produce lot’s of water noise. The unique Waterbox down-flow technology keeps your aquarium noise at peaceful levels all day.


Waterbox understood the importance of dual returns. Our flow outshines the competition hands down.


Our engineers have designed a hand crafted prefabricated proprietary plumbing kit that provides easy installation without any gluing required.

Quick disconnect unions

Disassemble easily without any cutting of plumbing required.

Precision gate valve

Controls the flow through the drain system and maintains quiet operation.

Flexible Return Pipe

Can be easily adjusted to accommodate your choice of return pump.

Safety Drain

To prevent overflowing, a secondary safety drain is available.

Dual Manifold

Our Manifold system comes with 2 Valves to dial in your reactors or other components. It also includes a 1/4″ barb fitting to adapt to different size tubing.

Ideal for installing media reactors, calcium reactors, biopellete reactors, zeolite reactors, chillers, UV sterilizers, etc.

Check Valve

The check valve is designed to eliminate back siphoning in case of a power failure.

Incredible Fluid Design

Our Reef Pro systems shine above the rest with our thoughtfully designed, sized and placed ATO(Auto Top Off) Reserviors. Pair with the XP Aqua ATO System for a perfectly balanced evaporation solution.

Cascading Filtration Chambers

Dual micron socks reduce noise, prevents clogging, and reduces chances of overflowing.

One Size

The Waterbox Reef Pro systems each include (2) 7 inch filter socks to keep water clarity pristine.

Enhanced Clarity

Our advanced sump systems on the Reef Pro include pre-cut filter spongers to keep particulate down to a minimum.


Simplified Maintenance

Our 6′ Aquariums include an independent ATO chamber that stores 18.7 gallons of evaporation water. Include an XP Aqua system to manage evaporation water like a pro.

Sump Dimensions


Elevate your existing living spaces with true first in class furniture grade cabinetry. Our large 4′ and up cabinets include separate storage spaces.

*2019 and newer cabinets have black interior panels


Stability is key to installing a long lasting aquatic environment safely in your home. Our Reef Pro systems all include pre-seated leveling mats on the glass tank, and up to 26 leveling feet on the cabinet.


Beautifully seated and designed cabinet doors recessed push buttons make the Reef Pro décor the best in the industry.


Not only do our cabinets sport a satin finish, our doors are all secured by the highest quality soft close PVC coated hinges.

Quality by Design

Our Reef Pro system cabinets all sport our optional inscribed brand seal for use on our Décor.

Create the Ultimate and Complete Aquatic Environment with our + Model Aquarium Bundles.


AI Hydra 32HD

Mounting Arm

Hydra 32 HD

AI lights deliver a proven spectrum that grows coral & will push coral coloration to the MAX. This newest generation of Primes and Hydras moves forward with that focus and delivers more PAR (Photosythetically Active Radiation) and resulting PUR (Photosynthetically Useful Radiation) increasing the efficiency and value of these lights. Additionally this has been accomplished while enhancing the colors that make coral beautiful to the human eye. The new wide spectrum clusters deliver a CRI (Color Rendition Index) that will not disappoint



A dedicated moonlight LED and channel has been added in the new Hydra 32HD and Hydra 64HD modules. This allows for independent moonlighting designed to simulate the natural lunar color and intensity.


  • 8 Cool White ( >70CRI )
  • 8 Royal Blue
  • 8 Blue
  • 2 Photo Red
  • 2 Green
  • 2 400nm UV
  • 2 420nm Violet
  • 2 Moonlight

Optics and Output

The incorporation of more LEDs results in a more targeted full spectrum, TIR lenses shape the light’s output and improve its efficiency. The result is more color POP as well as a slightly wider output area and higher average PAR. A combination LED placement and lens geometry blend the light from the clusters so that color separation is further reduced.

HMS Mount

The Hydra Mounting System (HMS™) is designed to provide an easy to use, adjustable tank
mount solution for the Hydra HD LEDs.

  • Slide and swivel your lights to exactly where you want them, then fasten them in place to best illuminate your livestock.
  • The HMS features a slim profile with integrated cord management to minimize visual clutter and complement the clean look of your Hydra fixtures.

Simple Built-in Control

All AI devices include smart control standard. Use the myAI® app on any iOS or Android device to easily set up or program one or multiple AI devices.

Reef Pro Models

REEF PRO 230.6

This product has been updated to the New REEF PRO 220.6

REEF PRO 230.6 +Plus

This product has been updated to the New REEF PRO 220.6

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