Marine AIO


Marine AIO

Simplified Aquatic Environment

/AIO/ All-In-One – Aquatic Environment with filtration built into the back of the main display.

Beautifully Simple Aquariums.

The Silver Marine AIO series is an all-in-one aquarium for entry level enthusiasts in mind. It provides a built in filtration system in the back of the tank. This system eliminates the barrier to entry for saltwater or freshwater aquaria at a much lower cost.

Marine AIO 28.2 Frag

Marine AIO 30.2

Marine AIO 40.2

Marine AIO 50.3

The AIO Inclusive Aquarium

Standard with every AIO system is a premium return pump and filtration media.


All Waterbox Aquariums utilize licensed Starphire Glass. Starphire is the ultimate in ultra-clear, low iron glass technology.


Waterbox Aquariums silicone seams appear etched by lasers as our technicians utilize straight edging skill’s learned over decades.

Force Flow

Our AIO systems include force flow nozzles which increase turnover and increase overall health.

Dual Flow

Three foot AIO systems include a dual flow design to maximize flow on larger systems.


Each Waterbox system includes a self leveling mat, which keeps the aquarium level on uneven surfaces and surface tension on the glass.  This increases the longevity of your aquarium.


Each Waterbox comes standard with our laser-etched, floating logo inside the glass to prove authenticity.

Marine AIO Frag 28.2

The Marine AIO Frag is perfect for shallow water reef and aquaculture grow out systems.

Frag Keeping

The 28.2 Frag enables Waterbox users to add on to and existing system, or have stand alone Aquaculture systems which display the same beauty as your traditional Waterbox Aquarium.

Shallow Reefs

Turn what you love about Reef Aquariums into a shallow water tidal zone. Our stunning Staphire Glass and Diamond Beveled edges elevate the beauty of your reef.



Elevate your existing living spaces with true first-in-class furniture grade cabinetry.

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Stability is key to installing a long lasting aquatic environment safely in your home. Our Reef systems include pre-seated leveling mats on the glass tank, and up to 26 leveling feet on the cabinet.


Beautifully seated and designed cabinet doors recessed push buttons make the Reef system Décor the best in the industry.


Not only do our cabinets sport a satin finish, our doors are all secured by the highest quality soft close PVC coated hinges.

Removable Badge

Our Marine system cabinets all sport our optional inscribed seal for use on our Décor.

Create the Ultimate and Complete Aquatic Environment with our + Model Aquarium Bundles.


Prime HD Light

Tank Mount

AI Prime

Huge Light in a Tiny Package.  No longer are you limited to using a fixed amount of power per channel, the HD dynamically adjusts power available to each color, borrowing power from the colors you’re not utilizing. Giving you the most vivid spectrum your tank has ever seen.

AI Prime Tank Mount

Easily mount your AI Prime® on your rimmed or rimless tank with the adjustable Prime Tank Mount. The innovative ball joint makes it simple to tilt and turn your Prime to get the optimal light for your corals. Made of high-quality brushed aluminum it will look great on any setup. Comes in black or silver.

Simple Built-in Control

The Prime HD™ includes Wi-Fi control standard. Use the myAI® app on any iOS or Android device to easily set up or program one or multiple AI Prime HDs. Don’t have a smartphone? Any Wi-Fi enabled MAC or PC will work.

Marine AIO Models

Marine AIO 28.2 Frag

Marine AIO 30.2

Marine AIO 40.2

Marine AIO 50.3

Marine AIO 28.2 Frag Plus

Marine AIO 30.2 Plus

Marine AIO 40.2 Plus

Marine AIO 50.3 Plus


Enhance your aquarium with quality rock.


Optimize your aquarium with quality filtration.


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