The Most Exquisite Cube on the Planet

Cube – Square Shaped Aquatic Environment

Perfectly Clear. Extremely Simple.

Waterbox has created the ultimate rimless cube system constructed from Starphire Ultra-Clear™ with carefully beveled edges to provide the most visually appealing Cube aquarium on the planet.

Diamond Beveled, Perfectly Clear

Waterbox uses Starphire Ultra-Clear™ on all panels of the Cube aquariums. This unique glass offers unmatched levels of brightness, color fidelity, clarity and visual excitement.

Simplified Filtration with Glass Overflow System

Our Waterbox Cube overflow system keeps the environment completely silent while allowing the user to incorporate their favorite mechanical filtration media.

Leveled. Stabilized.

Each Waterbox Cube system includes a self leveling mat which keeps the aquarium level on uneven surfaces and keeps surface tension on the glass down to a minimum which increases the longevity of your aquarium.

With Great Flow Comes Healthy Aquatics

Our return nozzles help to create spectacular flow within the all-in-one system, therefore providing better water turnover and a healthier aquarium environment.

Adjustable, Flexible Flow Pump

Cube series aquariums include a perfectly matched pump to keep water moving.

*Only included in the USA. Speak with your local retailer for more information.

Cleaner Water with Proven Filtration

All Waterbox Cube systems aquatic environments include bio-balls, carbon and sponge to keep your water crystal clear.

Unique Baffle system

Our unique baffle system forces the water to flow through the micron socks followed by the filtration media. This unique system also eliminates air bubbles in the system.

Create the Ultimate and Complete Aquatic Environment with our + Model Aquarium Bundles.


Prime HD Light

Flex Arm

AI Prime

Huge Light in a Tiny Package.  No longer are you limited to using a fixed amount of power per channel, the HD dynamically adjusts power available to each color, borrowing power from the colors you’re not utilizing. Giving you the most vivid spectrum your tank has ever seen.

Flex Arm

A silicone-coated flex arm makes for an attractive and sturdy solution for mounting your AI Prime™ HD. Our most flexible mount for a rimmed or rimless tank. Wire-management clips are included.

Simple Built-in Control

The Prime HD™ includes Wi-Fi control standard. Use the myAI® app on any iOS or Android device to easily set up or program one or multiple AI Prime HDs. Don’t have a smartphone? Any Wi-Fi enabled MAC or PC will work.

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