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Waterbox provides the healthiest wholesale aquariums margins for store owners in the industry.  Increase your revenue with Waterbox Aquariums.  Fill out the form to receive more information.

  • Highest quality glass and production cabinets
  • Free domestic shipping program
  • Full range of sizes

Exquisitely Crafted Aquariums

Waterbox Aquariums are the leaders in rimless, ultra-clear aquariums for beginner to advanced aquarist.

  • Starphire Ultra-Clear™ Beveled Glass

    Low iron ultra-clear glass with the highest quality silicone and crisp edges.

  • Water etched glass overflow box

    Our unique glass overflow box provides superior surface skimming and allows the owner to keep their Waterbox completely clean of algae.

  • Rubber Mat Under Tank

    Each Platinum Reef comes with a pre-seated Self leveling rubber mat under the glass

  • Prefabricated Proprietary Plumbing Kit

    Provides easy installation without any gluing required.

  • Furniture Grade Decor

    Made by world renown furniture manufacturer which include stainless hinges, push open doors and leveling feet.

  • Professional Sump system with Auto Top off Reservoir

    Each platinum series includes a glass sump with ATO reservoir that can be converted to a refugium.

Authorized Retailer Benefits

Change the landscape of your Aquatic Selection by become a Waterbox Dealer.


Guaranteed Increased Margin over Competitor Brands

Waterbox has aggressive dealer margins over our competitors. If you choose to fully commit to Waterbox, you will be rewarded with even greater benefits. Please inquire with us directly for more details.


Understand the importance of creating new hobbyists

In order for Aquarium retailers to succeed, we must educate and grow the industry. Waterbox is dedicated to promoting and creating new hobbyists thru aggressive marketing and education.


Offer your customers the highest quality glass and production cabinets available

The value of Waterbox far exceeds price on our entire offering. We use licensed starphire ™ glass on all sides of our aquariums, and have partnered with a furniture manufacturer to produce beautiful UV coated cabinets that outperform competitors.


Full range of sizes from 4-gallon All-in-one tanks to 230-gallon Reef Ready

Waterbox has a size for everyone. From beginners to advanced hobbyists, Waterbox offers unique features that everyone will love.


Internationally Distributed Brand

Our global debut was in Interzoo Germany where we showcased our entire lineup to massive praise from the International community. We will be represented in over 25 countries within the year.


Free Domestic shipping Program

We understand that freight costs can cut into your margin. That is why we have created a free shipping program that is very easy to access. Please inquire for details.

Waterbox Marketing

Marketing to grow Waterbox and traffic to your store.


Waterbox Live – Every Wednesday at Noon on Facebook

Please log-on with us every Wednesday at noon on Facebook, where we discuss trends, take questions, offer giveaways, instructional build projects and help Waterbox users decide what they want as their next tank.


145,000 Social Media followers and growing

We take tremendous pride in utilizing modern day platforms to get our message to the people. Make sure to follow us @waterboxaquariums


Highlighted Dealer locator on Website

We understand that the modern hobbyist is looking for our product everywhere. Let’s make it easy for them to find you on our dealer search

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