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WATERBOX | All-In-One Series

Plug and Play

For aquarists who are looking for simple design and ease of installation. The all-in-one series provides maximum volume turnover with easy to remove media baskets and micron socks for filtration. Eco-plus pumps ensure years of hassle free maintenance.

Rimless Design

Low iron ultra-clear glass with the highest quality silicone and crisp edges. No sloppy corner silicone here. Each aquarium is water tested, polished and inspected before it is brought to market.

Media Basket

Removable media basket is included with every all-in-one Waterbox. Includes carbon, bacteria media and sump sponges.

Built-in Filtration

The filtration was designed for maximum volume turnover while implementing a bubble free baffle for quiet operation.

Directional Return Nozzles

Multi-directional return nozzles are included with every Waterbox All-in-one system.

Eco-Plus Pumps

Standard with every All-in-one system is the world’s best hassle free internal AC pump. Eco-plus 2 year warranty and quiet, hassle free performance

UV Coated Cabinetry

Each cabinet is double sealed in UV protectant to resist water spills and provide a stable foundation that looks great. Available in black or white

Push Open Doors

European doors that are flush with the front glass aquarium panel provide ease of access into the cabinet.

Stainless Hinges

High quality adjustable hinges provide rust-free access into your cabinet

Leveling Feet

Adjustable leveling feet are included with each cabinet to ensure tank is level during installation

All-In-One Models

10 Cube

(LOOP not available)
(Cabinet not available)

MRP: $149.99

20 Cube

MRP: $219.99

30 Shallow

MRP: $369.99

30 Classic

MRP: $399.99

50 Cube

MRP: $549.99

Optional Cabinets

White Cabinet

Black Cabinet

Waterbox Model MRP Price
Waterbox 20 CUBE UV Water Resistant Cabinet Black or White $329.99
Waterbox 30 Classic UV Water Resistant Cabinet Black or White $389.99
Waterbox 50 Cube/30 Shallow UV Water Resistant Cabinet Black or White $419.99

Technical Specs

Product Model 10 CUBE 20 CUBE 30 CUBE SHALLOW 30 CLASSIC 50 CUBE
UPC 856370007008 856370007015 856370007022 856370007039 856370007046
Aquarium Tank Dimensions 350×360×350 mm 450×450×400 mm 600×600×315 mm 600×450×450 mm 600×600×520 mm
13.8″×14.2″×13.8″ 17.7″×17.7″×15.8″ 23.6″×23.6″×12.4″ 23.6″×17.7″×17.7″ 23.6″×23.6″×20.5″
Tank Volume 44.1 L/11.6 gals 81.0 L/21.4 gals 113.4 L/30.0 gals 121.5 L/32.1 gals 187.2 L/49.5 gals
Glass Thickness 6mm/1/4″ 6mm/1/4″ 8mm/5/16″ 8mm/5/16″ 12mm/1/2″
Filtration Chamber 350×350×80mm 450×400×100mm 600×315×130mm 600×450×130mm 600×520×130mm
13.8″×13.8″×3.2″ 17.7″×15.8″×3.9″ 23.6″×12.4″×5.1″ 23.6″×17.7″×5.12″ 23.6″×20.5″×5.12″
Skimmer Chamber 121×350×80mm 121×400×100mm 170×130×305mm 170×130×305mm 151×130×500mm
4.8″×13.8″×3.2″ 4.8″×15.8″×3.9″ 6.7″×5.1″×12.0″ 6.7″×5.1″×12.0″ 5.9″×5.1″×19.7″
Pump Chamber 61×80×350mm 101×100×400mm 179×130×260mm 179×130×260mm 190×130×460mm
2.4″×3.2″×13.8″ 4.0″×3.9″×15.8″ 7.1″×5.1″×10.2″ 7.1″×5.1″×10.2″ 7.5″×5.1″×18.1″
Directional Nozzle 1 1 1 1 1
Return Hose φ10 φ10 φ10 φ10 φ20
EVA Mat 1 1 1 1 1
Filtration Filtration and Overflow Back filtration with single overflow Back filtration with dual overflows
Mechanical Filter Sponge 1 1 1 1 2
Biological Filter Sponge 2 3 2 3 3
Activated Carbon 150g 150g 150g 150g 150g
Ceramic Ring 250g 550g 250g 550g 550g
Cabinet Model 25 Cabinet 50 Cabinet 30 Cabinet 50 Cabinet
Cabinet Dimensions 450×450×850mm 600×600×850mm 600×450×850mm 600×600×850mm
17.7″×17.7″×33.5″ 23.6″×23.6″×33.5″ 23.6″×17.7″×33.5″ 23.6″×23.6″×33.5″
Material and Painting Multi-polywood, Double-side water-resistant UV Painting
Color W-White, B-Black

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