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Everything you need to be Reef Ready

The amazing Waterbox

We are an Aquarium Company. WATERBOX designs and creates aquatic environments for your home. We deliver unique hand-crafted aquariums that help simplify the process of setting up an aquarium. And we make them with great passion.

Design Concept

The WATERBOX platinum, cube and duo series are designed to make purchasing an aquarium for beginners up to professional aquarists simplified. Each Aquarium is water tested and designed by professional engineers with over 15 years experience.

Fantastic Furniture Available

Unlike others in the market we have Highly water resistant multi-plywood cabinets with double-side UV coating. Available in black or white. 

Hardware for the Elements

Waterbox hardware is all high grade stainless steel. We go a step further by providing a water resistant coating on all metal hardware for long life spans.

Leveling Technology

Waterbox furniture comes standard with leveling feet technology to help simplify the leveling process of your Waterbox.

Waterbox Logo

You want people to know that your Aquarium is Waterbox Quality. This is why we put Platinum Logos on every piece of furniture.


Our mission at WATERBOX is to provide consumers and retailers with glass aquariums that rival the competitors at a price that makes entering the hobby possible for anyone.

Intelligent Top Off. Say Hello to Sentry.

Innovation in your sump

WATERBOX has partnered with European Brand Pacific Sun to provide a FREE Waterbox Sentry ATO system with every Platinum Series Reef Ready Waterbox. This intelligent ATO system keeps your evaporation water in check with a professional yet easy to use one click interface and optical sensors.

This Is One Amazing Top Off System

“It really is incredible how easy this top of system is to operate. And better yet it is included Free with Platinum Series tanks.”

Choose Your Favorite Size

Waterbox Platinum Series range from 39 to 133 Gallons. Also available are the Cube and Duo all-in-one aquariums which range from 10-50 Gallons with optional furniture.

Black Platinum 40.1

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Black Platinum 75.2

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Black Platinum 100.3

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Black Platinum 135.4

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White Platinum 40.1

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White Platinum 75.2

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White Platinum 100.3

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White Platinum 135.4

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10 Cube

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20 Cube

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50 Cube

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